Summer Holidays Tuition in Bromley

Summer Holidays Tuition in Bromley

We at the tutorial foundation offer our tuition services over the summer holidays. Our tuition programs cover the following subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Modern Languages, Latin, Computer Studies, History, Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Psychology, Religious Studies and English for Speakers of other Languages. Other subjects are available on the request of parents.

The subjects covered are taught in accordance to the requirements of the child’s school work and are available up to A level standard and beyond. Tuition is now available over the summer holidays however is available on a daily, weekly or fortnightly basis dependent on the student’s needs.

Specialist assessments services are designed to reveal your child’s full potential and pinpoint areas of weakness, developing on them with our specialised tuition programs turning their weaknesses into strengths. These examinations are highly competitive in order to push your child towards their potential, with the courses tailor made with specific study days in particular for grammar school entrance exams.

11 plus courses & 11 plus assessments in Bromley

In preparation for your child’s 11 plus assessments we are offering our tutoring courses and assessments during the summer period in Bromley. The assessments and courses are created for year 4 and 5 students to help aid them through the difficult times ahead, making it as stress free as possible. They are expertly designed to maximise the likelihood of your child meeting the minimum requirements to enter a grammar school. The courses are specifically designed to cater for the needs of any pupil having difficulty in learning the basics of the core subjects covered under the 11 plus exams.

English 11 plus tuition

The courses are specially designed to help any child who is having difficulties learning to read, write and spell. With separate classes and lessons available for handwriting and presentation.

Mathematics 11 plus Tuition

The courses are designed to enable pupils to learn the basic and fundamental basics of mathematical rules and how to apply them to questions within the papers. This knowledge gained within the subject will enable your child to use his/her brain and not just their memory, developing their confidence. He or she will begin to learn that mathematics is a subject that can be enjoyable and practical.

 What is the 11 plus

The 11 plus exam is given to pupils during the final year of their primary education (year 6 in the English school system) and is a means to determine whether or not a pupil is academically suited to the requirements that a grammar school is looking for. In plain English, it is a test to see if your child will be offered a place within a grammar school of your choice or whether they will be sent into a comprehensive/non-selective school.

The 11 plus papers will consist of some of or all of the following types of questions and involves sitting two or three plus examinations.

  • Verbal Reasoning testTuition 2
  • Non-verbal reasoning tests
  • Mathematics tests
  • English tests

It is not guaranteed that your son/daughter will sit them all and most schools vary in subjects, it is recommended that you find out which exam that he/she will be sitting.



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