” …. thanks to everyone for the massive turnaround in my daughter and the positive attitude she is now has towards school.”

CK’s parent – July 2018


Tutorial Foundation Students have created a Poster of thanks

TTF Students – July 2018


“…..Whatever you did with her worked brilliantly – she came back with a really good mindset and went on to ride out year 11 and do really well”

Ali Hodgson,  – Sept 2017    (Assistant Head Teacher at Chislehurst School for Girls talking about a student the TF had for respite.)

Professional’s Feedback form – Lewisham

“… I’d also like to say thank you to you all. After 3 days, I seem to have my lovely son back. We’ve had a difficult time over the past year and I was dreading how things were going to work out with you guys. He walked out after his first day and informed me it was brilliant and he loved it. Thank you for making such a huge difference to mark in such a short space of time. “

Allison (parent) – Sept 2017


“I feel that he has really made a huge amount of progress with his independent travel this term.                                                                                                                 My son has at last got a friend. I will forever be grateful to everyone who has helped engineer this friendship and build his confidence.                                  Please can we allow this term to continue as normal, my main focus has been to get him to want to leave the house in the first place!  Hopefully we can find new goals for the New Year.

Genuine appreciation for all you do.”

Keeley (parent) – Dec 2016


“Since attending The Tutorial Foundation my son’s attitude towards learning has been completely turned around, going from not attending school or ensuring he got sent home to willingly going with a smile.  His confidence has grown, as has his self-esteem, losing the negative attitude.  I really feel that any qualifications he achieves will be solely down to the help and support of all the staff at Tutorial Foundation.”

Vicky (parent) – May 2014