What are the aims, values and ethos of The Tutorial Foundation?

At The Tutorial Foundation we offer a nurturing, caring family environment for our students.

We have very small classes and offer individual programmes for each child to bring out their potential.  While strengthening their basic skills, we enable them to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

We want pupils to:

  • Enjoy their time at The Tutorial Foundation
  • Feel valued
  • Acquire a desire for knowledge and learning
  • Achieve their best

Our Mission is ….

To provide personalised learning programmes that give all students equal opportunities to progress and succeed

To maximise student choices and routes of progression by providing a stimulating inspiring and challenging learning environment

To foster an atmosphere of tolerance and respect to which everyone can contribute by being active and responsible citizens

To promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This includes fostering British Values through all areas of school life

We aim to drive learning standards through

…    Engagement;  Challenge;  Autonomy and Feedback