Examination Centre

Cambridge Results for all examinations will be released on Thursday 10th August.  A Levels for all other exam boards will be released on Thursday 17th August.  GCSE plus iGCSE for all other other exam boards will be released on Thursday 24th August.

Candidates may telephone for results from 10am or collect in person from 11am on the day of release.  Any results not collected will be posted first class at the end of the result day so please ensure we have your current contact details.

We are now taking enquiries for next academic year. Please note the deadline for the November 2017 series is Tuesday 19th September.   Any requests for Access Arrangements for this sitting must be received no later than 31st August to ensure we have sufficient time to process these requests before the deadline.  

If you wish to sit any exam in any of the November 2017, January 2018 or May/June 2018 sittings,
please submit your form and we will respond as soon as possible.  

For more information please call 0208 460 0181 option 2 or email exams@thetutorialfoundation.co.uk

private exam centreISEB

The Tutorial Foundation is registered with all the above Examination Boards.  We accept Private Candidates for nearly all examinations and we are able to accommodate most areas of the GCSE and A Level curriculum.


We are able to offer Private Candidates the opportunity to take iGCSEs from either Edexcel or Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Controlled Assessment for GCSEs

We are able to take private candidates for some subjects that require controlled assessment.  However private candidates are advised to consider iGCSEs, since this often gives candidates the option of taking an exam based route to the same qualification, without the need for coursework or controlled assessment.

A Level Science Practicals

Cambridge International Examinations (C.I.E.)

We are able to accommodate the iGCE International A Level science practical examinations that form part of the AS Level course for Biology and Physics only.  The date chosen for the practical exam will be the one that is most convenient to the centre.

AQA/OCR Science Practicals/Coursework

We are able to offer the OCR A Level Biology practicals for AS and A2 Level for candidates certificating in June.  We are also able to offer AQA EMPA route (externally assessed option) for AS and A2 Level Physics and Biology in June but this will be dependent on the tasks set by the exam board.  Please telephone the office for further details.

Please note that the AQA/OCR Science Practicals are only available for the last time in June 2017 for candidates who are re-sitting and are not available for candidates taking them for the first time.

Candidates wishing to take A Level Sciences are able to take all their written papers with us and the Examinations Officer will advise candidates, upon application, of other centres that will accommodate them, if required, for Units 3 and 6.  Candidates are advised that a cheaper fees option may be to take written examinations at one centre whilst taking their practical examination elsewhere.  In these circumstances it is imperative that the candidate use the same UCI (Unique Candidate Identification) number.  If necessary, The Tutorial Foundation will issue that number for candidates who are taking written examinations with us and practicals elsewhere.

A Level Sciences (new specifications)

For the new specifications, candidates are required to do the twelve core practicals across all exam boards.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer these to private candidates at present.  For private candidates, we recommend Cambridge International Examinations which has a two hour practical exam as part of the AS and A Level specifications.

Modern Foreign Languages

The Tutorial Foundation is currently able to take GCSE and A Level candidates for French, Spanish, Italian, German & Dutch only since these qualifications require a speaking test.  Examinations in other languages are possible as long as there is no speaking test.


In order to register for examinations at this centre, please complete the Prospective Candidates Enquiry form attached here and email it to: exams@thetutorialfoundation.co.uk

The Examinations Officer will then look at the application and give an exact costing for the exams requested.  All initial queries will hopefully be dealt with at this stage via email or telephone.

Unique Candidate Identification (UCI) number

(12 digit number followed by a letter)

This is probably the most important piece of information that the Examinations Officer requires if you are either re-taking an exam, or have taken GCSEs or A Levels in the last five years or so.  This enables the examination board to “tally up” all previous results with any re-takes, and give the candidate a new overall grade.  This is essential for candidates who are at schools/colleges in Year 13, who are re-taking their AS level qualifications in order to try and achieve improved grades for University applications or, for students taking a “gap” year and wishing to improve on A2 results.

Paying for Exams

Candidates (or their parents/guardians) can pay for examinations by debit or credit card over the telephone, by cash in person at the office, or send a cheque (payable to The Tutorial Foundation, and putting the candidate’s name on the reverse of the cheque and indicating that it is payment for exams).  All cheques must be received at the office two weeks before the deadline for entries.

Candidates under 16 years of age

The Tutorial Foundation is able to take on candidates of any age, but if the child is under 16 years of age, then they will require an escort to remain with them at all times whilst they are on the premises taking the exam.  For children of different age groups, e.g. children in Year 11, it would be possible for one escort to be on the premises for up to 6 candidates from the same school.

International Candidates

Candidates who are studying abroad via distance learning organisations such as Oxford Open Learning, I.C.S., National Extension College (N.E.C.) etc. can easily apply to take their examinations with us here at The Tutorial Foundation.  Identification will need to be authenticated by a professional (e.g. doctor, lawyer, minister of religion, Consulate/Embassy staff), since it will be unlikely that the candidate can present themselves to the centre in person prior to their examination.  Telephone and residential contact details whilst in the UK for the period of the examination will need to be taken in case of emergency.