Tailored Courses

Preparation for Independent Schools’ Entrance Exams & 11+ Selection Tests

As we are once again approaching the Selective Schools’ Entrance Exams, we have designed an 11+ specific course to help bolster students’ confidence and skills.  This course will run over the Christmas Holidays to prepare students taking the January Exams and also during the Summer Holidays for those wishing to sit the September Exams.

The courses will run over the holidays and will include a wide range of question types with an emphasis on the development of exam skills and interpretation strategies.

Please call the office for further information including available dates and times.

11+ Selection Tests

With all the major selective tests for local non fee paying schools now taking place within the first few weeks of Year 6, we are aware that the pressure on the children is rather high. This is only exasperated by the long summer break. In response to this we have drawn up a unique course to make sure that they do not loose vital skills over the long break.

Independent Schools’ Examinations

These examinations, as we are all aware, are highly competitive and in response to the success of the Summer Courses we are running extra, subject specific study days this Christmas to help improve the students’ confidence and skills.

Important Notes Regarding Our Courses

All areas relevant to the exams will be covered. Most importantly it will arm the children with the skills and confidence to undertake the competitive nature of examinations. Also they will be conducted in a light, engaging manner for the children to enjoy. However it is imperative that we clarify a few points so that parents are aware of what the course consists.

    1. The course is devised as a revision/ practice course. It is not a supplement for more in depth tuition. Obviously we shall look at a variety of areas and issues but if your child is struggling with a specific topic (i.e. fractions) please note that the course isn’t designed to re-teach the said topic.
    2. These examinations are highly competitive and aimed at a set academic level, notably higher than the standard KS2. We are not able to refund those who enroll onto the course and then struggle with the demands.We are happy however to offer our academic assessment at half price if you wish to enroll and are uncertain if your child matches the academic requirements to pass your choice of schools. We feel that this will save a lot of ‘sweat and tears’ in the long run. Of course there is no obligation to take an assessment before starting the course.
    3. In some cases an extra area may be covered if the demand for courses is unusually high and certain groups have to be combined. This will be a rarity and parents will be notified before completing their booking.
    4. Despite our high success rate, taking and completing the course is not a guarantee that your child will successfully pass (although we hope they

To find out more, please contact The Tutorial Foundation directly on 020 8460 0181 or email us admin@thetutorialfoundation.co.uk